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What age barriers?

  • Everyone sees the benefit to care home residents of intergenerational partnerships, says Joanne Coltone, but what do the practitioners, children and parents make of it?




Just another spoon…

  • Annie Denny, nutrition manager for the Early Years Nutrition Partnership, discusses the role of recognition and reward when encouraging healthy eating, and the fine line between encouragement and pressurising




10 ways to say thank you

  • It may not be all about money, but a financial reward for high achievement wouldn’t go amiss, says Jonathan Amponsah, particularly if there are no tax-penalties for you or your team member



Sue Churchill, Editor

Sue Churchill, Editor

Bouncing back

Don’t mention the ‘B’ word – at least not yet. But if you get withdrawal symptoms and want to check up on Boris with a ‘B’, then go to the Westminster column. Here, however, our focus is more on ‘B’ for bounce, because that just about encapsulates our extraordinarily resilient sector. At NMT, we are fortunate we can draw on experts to help you maintain that bounce and look ahead to opportunities and challenges. This issue is no exception with advice and views revolving round the reward and recognition theme. And there is dissent. So, read on; look at the arguments and evidence and draw your own conclusions. Maybe, you’re interested in what factors keep someone loyal to you and your nursery. Is it money? Is it rewards for good work? You can explore this topic in Viewpoint and then pursue it in Spotlight. Then, there’s the issue of healthy eating for the under-fives. Want to find out more about whether rewards actually work? Check. Interested in the sort of financial rewards you can give staff without adversely affecting your business? Check. Unsure as to whether or not money is the ultimate lure for staff? Check. But maybe, you’re fed up with the whole thing and want to look at areas where you can make an improvement in a non-controversial, more practical way. Read through this issue’s Manager’s Helpline and you will find tips for writing terms and conditions, which can be applied to contracts you draw up with parents. Useful and unambiguous. Then there’s staffing issues. One interesting development in the media is the changing attitude to millennials. Not so long ago, they were seen as the snowflake generation with interests limited to holidays, coffee shops and takeaways. They are now being taken much more seriously and, crucially, more sympathetically. This is Andrea McGarity’s stand, as she finds more and more millennials working in the group where she is based. Rather than label them, she has focused on their needs, and, as a result, become more empathetic and is now encouraging more networking and socialising on a simple pizza-and-wine basis. Everyone has benefited. It’s what we all say about children: fundamentally, they have similar needs, but they all need to be responded to as individuals, sentient beings with their own likes, dislikes and talents. The trick is to recognise the differences and release those talents regardless of age. And that is something our contributors are doing in this autumn issue. As important, they are sharing what they have researched or simply learnt with you. Enjoy the warm autumn days lying ahead.

Sue Churchill

Editor, Nursery Management Today