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Focus – Creative Distruption
  • Susan McGhee, who left the top post at BNG Training, reflects on the challenges facing her since she was headhunted by One Parent Families Scotland to set up Flexible Childcare Services Scotland (FCSS)




Special Report – All together now

  • Are you forging better relationships with both parents and the community through focused fundraising events that appeal to all? asks Laura Wilson of Comic Relief




Spotlight – It’s all about family

  • Sue Churchill looks at the growth of a family-owned nursery business, now a major player in the sector



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Sue Churchill, Editor

Sue Churchill, Editor

I’m sitting here writing this in the wet and windy December that descended with resolute, unseasonal fervour. You might well remember the wet clothes and ruined hair. But maybe you will be reading your NMT while looking out of the window at a winter wonderland. Will you be uploading a photo of the snowy scene on Instagram or perhaps faking it if the weather doesn’t quite reach optimum level? Whatever the scenario, you might well be thinking about a new year’s resolution that has a business perspective. In that case, read on for a bit of moral support and a few ideas from those in the know. First off, we have two contrasting but complementary management viewpoints. There’s Arun Kanwar, who provides a sector-wide view of the challenges and opportunities awaiting us and our regular finance columnist, Shaz Nawaz, who looks more closely at the minutiae of everyday management that nursery businesses need to be focusing on in these cut-and-thrust days when a no-deal Brexit might be awaiting us. And what does this lead to? Business success, that’s what. Enter Cherubs Day Nurseries, a successful, debt-free, expanding nursery group in the East Midlands. Read what I found out about them in our Spotlight column. We also get to hear from Susan McGhee, the power behind BNG Training for many years, who left to meet new challenges. Find out what they were in our Focus column – and how she triumphed. All business success depends on effective marketing and PR, as Susan’s success attests, but knowing is not the same as doing. Enter Nicola Read, who in our marketing column, sheds some light on why just creating a Facebook page is not enough. You have to work it, she says. Usefully she provides some tips. Finally, with Red Nose Day beckoning (Friday 15 March), there’s an opportunity to test the effectiveness of your marketing and PR. Laura Wilson of Comic Relief explores how fundraising can help you strengthen local ties and build your business, while having a load of fun. What’s not to like? So, much to get your brain cells working, and I haven’t even mentioned the half of it. So, go on, spoil yourself. Find some moments in these long winter evenings to dip into NMT and emerge energised and ready for the business challenges that await. NMT wishes you a happy and successful new year.


Sue Churchill
Editor, Nursery Management Today