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Focus – Wraparound Care…
a great business opportunity for you
  • Kirsty Jackson from Kids Collective, providers of award-winning out-of-school care, explains why a rise in demand for wraparound care could be a great opportunity for expansion for nurseries



Catering – Diverse tastes
  • Welcoming children from diverse cultural backgrounds provides opportunities for introducing all the children to different foods and ways of eating, says Sarah West



Spotlight – Little big nursery
  • Sue Churchill looks at a double winner in the NMT Nursery Awards, a nursery that caters for ‘little people’ but thinks big



Chin up!

Sue Churchill, Editor

Sue Churchill, Editor

Well, you can tell it’s New Year. Heavy rain, driving wind and an unquenchable desire for cake reined in only by shame at not braving said weather in order to stand in the gym and shudder at the rowing machine.

And while you’re beating down your shame and shovelling in cake, you can at least be leafing through this issue and reassuring yourself with the thought that you’re feeding the inner business woman as well.

So, if crowdfunding has never been more than a word and a scary concept, why not read our article by John Auckland, who set up TribeFirst, a global crowdfunding communications agency? He was the first to grasp that it’s not the finance that’s the issue, but actually reaching those people and organisations that would support your business if only they knew about you.

Or, at the other extreme, have you heard the one about the small nursery in an unknown village that wowed them at the NMT Nursery Awards? Truly original and innovative, D-Dee’s is brimming with ideas. Read about the team, children and parents in our Spotlight feature in this issue. You might well pick up a few ideas.

On the other hand, if you’re worrying about recruitment and retention, you could do worse than read Yuliana Topazly’s tips for encouraging mothers back to the workplace. She should know a bit about it, as founder of, a community of parents and experts who are there to help each other, offer advice, and share experiences.

And talking of advice and support, here’s a big welcome to Jo Morris from Champagne Nurseries on Lemonade Funding who joins our regular contributors to the Sector Viewpoint column with her piece on the challenges of supporting children with English as an additional language.

Then, there’s an article by Jackie Hyde, whose dot2dot business won a major award (Congratulations, Jackie!) on the importance of keeping your insurance broker fully informed.

From one award-winner to another, you really should read Shaz Nawaz’s article from his regular finance column telling us how to be more tax-efficient. Spot on!

But wait a minute. That sounds remarkably like a belated New Year Resolution. Have I forgotten something? Oh, yes. Happy New Year!

Sue Churchill
Editor, Nursery Management Today