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NMT Training – Tailor-made Training
  • If you aren’t happy with the training available, says Antonia Ogden-Meade, then gather together your confidence, based on experience and knowledge of your workforce – and consider running your own training in house



NMT Focus – The Chinese Connection
  • If you thought expansion outside the UK was only a pipe dream, think again. Majella McElwee tells readers how she
    and her partner Kay Patel set up their nursery in China



NMT Nursery Talk – Book Review
  • Dawn Nasser reviews an activity book produced by designer YiYing Yang while studying for her MA in design




May we help you?

Sue Churchill, Editor

Sue Churchill, Editor

Cast not a clout till May is out. Whether that refers to the
hawthorn blossom or the month of May is doubtful, but those of you who did dare to dress for the summer were mightily disappointed as May opened with a downpour. Thankfully, we can offer you an engrossing read if further rain confines you indoors in the evenings.

Our issue theme is relationship building, which we all recognise as a key
ingredient in developing a successful nursery business. This is an area pursued by Shaz Nawaz, who talks about learning to trust your accountant, who can make real savings for you if you just let him know a bit more about what’s going on in your nursery. Sounds good to
me, but then I am a chatterbox.

Trust also turned out to be the deciding factor in the expansion of Happy Tree, which director, Majella McElwee tells us about in the Focus column. A great friend-maker, she met a Chinese entrepreneur as a result of a chance comment by a friend, and is now planning the opening of her first nursery in a high-growth city in South East China.

Certainly, expanding overseas is a way of avoiding some of the burdens nurseries are facing now – not just the 30 hours, council tax and underfunding, but, so I hear, problems with unreliable training providers. It was this that prompted Antonia Ogden-Meade to develop her own training programme – and maintain control – while working in partnership on her terms with a provider with whom she shares an assessor.

What’s making it work? Trust. And that’s not all on offer in this issue. We can offer you an article on food that nourishes the brain or how about – thinking of the weather, which has just started to brighten up – one written by an expert on gardening with the underfives? Francis Smith provides seasonal tips for your team so they can ensure that they and the children sow seeds and plant out at the right time for bright
flowers and veggies in the summer.

That says it all. Have a successful early summer – and get out in the sun with the children when you can. It’s called in-the-moment planning, according to Susan McGhee in her Hot Topics article.


Sue Churchill
Editor, Nursery Management Today