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Focus – Fabulous women

  • International Women’s Day on 8 March provided the opportunity for us to celebrate our wonderful sector led by women. So many charismatic women, drivers of positive change and aspiration says Sue Churchill. Here are just a few



Catering – What a cook-off!

  • Annie Denny gives her view of the 2018 cook-off, the only category in the NMT Nursery Awards where entrants are judged in real Master Chef style




Finance – The big 10

  • There are 10 tax mistakes every nursery owner makes, says Jonathan Amponsah. Read on to find out how to avoid them



Just fabulous

Sue Churchill, Editor

Sue Churchill, Editor

You can’t have missed International Women’s Day on 8 March – it’s everywhere in magazines and on social media, everywhere it seems except, somewhat bizarrely, on television. What an opportunity it is for us to celebrate the pioneers, the high achievers, the sharers and networkers in early years that we owe such a debt to.

We all need someone to inspire us and there are many we can turn to in our generous sector. That was the positive thought that led me to write about some of our fabulous women. Then, I hit a problem – too many outstanding women to feature in one article. What a problem! What a source of wonder!

Nevertheless, problem it was. We made the Focus column bigger, but there was still not enough room to pay a tribute to all the inspirational women who merit our admiration. So, my apologies if I have left out any living person you feel has made a major contribution to early years.

What else have we in our spring issue? Annie Denny from the Early Years Nutrition Partnership, who co-judged the cook-off for the last NMT Awards with our regular columnist, Sarah West, offers a behind-the-scenes view of the catering challenge. You might well find some tips there for your nursery’s entry this year. Pen and paper at the ready!

Staying with high achievers, this issue also features articles by – or about – last year’s winners. Flick through the magazine looking for the awards icon, and you could learn something from winners like Sarah Steel, who shares her approach to that perennial issue, recruitment and retention. Or Danielle Riley, who outlines her approach to training at Elmscot Woodlands that resulted in the apprentice of the year.

And don’t forget insurance, often cited as a barrier to innovation. Not so, says Dan Weir, who offers some tips for working with your broker to get new ideas off the ground. Not as difficult as you might think, says Dan, who challenges a few of the common myths.

Finally, if you are fancying a trip out in the sunshine that spring promises (Please, please, please make it sunny), then first read Mike Ianiri’s article about keeping your mobile data safe when out and about.

So, go for it! Spring is here. Let’s celebrate.


Sue Churchill
Editor, Nursery Management Today