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Empowering feedback

  • It’s not just delivering feedback that is difficult. Accepting and acting on it is also a challenge. Simon Day explains how you can ensure that feedback in your organisation is truly effective.



Bullying: a legal perspective

  • Anna Youngs, a partner in a national law practice, looks at the legal aspect of bullying and suggests how to mitigate it in the workplace and prevent it from escalating.





  • You just can’t get your head round Twitter? Try our hot tips from ace Tweeter, Susan McGhee.



Sue Churchill, Editor

Sue Churchill, Editor

And a happy new year!

Here I am contemplating another Christmas – far too many in my case, but, hey, you can’t have too much of a good thing (or can you?). For you reading this, of course, that will be in the past and 2020 will already have started. Let’s all offer up prayers to the gods that it will be a good one for the sector. Certainly, 2019 has been a case of one awareness-raising campaign after another. You are now due proper recognition. Speaking of recognition, there is one particular workplace issue that we have tended to think applies to other more cut-and-thrust sectors: bullying. Sadly, no sector is immune. It’s certainly a topic that needs airing, for it is not just difficult to define and sometimes spot, but very tricky to handle. So, our first step was to invite Anna Youngs, a partner at a national legal firm, to define it. We then asked NDNA to draw on its extensive knowledge of the sector and provide further insight and advice from the shop floor. On a less contentious level, as the vegan lifestyle has gone mainstream and lactose intolerance is soaring, we also asked our regular columnist, Annie Dennie, to provide an assessment of the various alternatives to dairy milk. She brought in a colleague who specialises in this area, and we are confident this is a solid guideline. Now, you, of course, will know who the winners of the NMT Nursery Awards 2019 are, but when I put together the plan for this issue, I only knew who the finalists were. And so you will see here some articles by or about those who reached the shortlist – some big names like Children 1st and Cherubs and one new to me, 22 Street Lane Nursery, and we managed to guess who might win the outdoor learning environment category: Auchlone. Thank you, all of you for your insightful contributions to this issue. Finally, I won’t say we have a technology debate going, but you might be interested to read Nursery Talk, where Alex Thornton looks at the impact of the ubiquitous iPad on children’s responses to books, and then turn to Matthew Martin’s article on the positive impact technology has had on his nursery group. I’m cheating a bit, as Matthew is focusing on technology as used in the running of a nursery business. Right on! But he tells me that there are still many nurseries that are not using software to free up more of practitioners’ time so they can focus on what you’re all here for: childcare. So, here’s to a new year where we all learn to apply technology judiciously to raise standards even higher and also to communicate those major issues with major influencers. On that note, do turn to Susan McGhee’s article on Twitter. NMT wishes you a happy and successful new year.

Sue Churchill

Editor, Nursery Management Today