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NMT Spotlight – Family matters
  • Sue Churchill asked Clare Roberts, chief executive of the multi-award-winning nursery group the secrets of their success



NMT Catering – Yum, yum
  • Katherine Tate meets the 2016 Chef of the Year, Fazila Singh, and reveals just how much hard work and preparation lay behind the award-winning nursery lunch




NMT Finance – How high can you jump?
  • Excellence is a goal that you can only achieve by working with your team members and your clients to involve them and exceed expectations, says Shaz Nawaz





Sue Churchill, Editor

Sue Churchill, Editor

Spring, spring, spring! It might be more a rumour than reality, but sunshine is just around the corner. Ooh, just saw some. Adding more sunshine to the mix is a set of articles in this spring issue by, or about, some of the winners and finalists from the NMT Awards, the results of which were announced in the last issue.

Now’s our chance to take a closer look at some of the fantastic achievements of our nurseries, as winners and finalists share their skills and achievements with readers – and me. For example, I had the opportunity to find out what was behind the continuing success, the repeated Ofsted ‘outstanding’ ratings and the steady expansion of Wellingtons at Langley Hall. You’ve guessed – teamwork.

Then, I had a chat with Clare Roberts of Kids Planet. They’ve had a phenomenal year of one achievement after another. How do they do it? Well, read my article for the Spotlight column and find out.

Alternatively, get it straight from the horse’s mouth. Take your pick, but you might want to start with Chris Townson’s article on the fruitful partnership he nurtured with a house builder. Want to try this for yourself? Then read his advice in the Focus column.

Excellence. Now, there’s a word to conjure with. I know that readers are pursuing this ideal across an everwidening area, and so is another of our winners, Christina Walters from award-winning Happy Days, based in Scotland. Not prepared to rest on her laurels, she chose to expand what’s on offer for the children in her care by introducing golf (well, it originated in Scotland), ski-ing lessons and a pony club.

We all know excellence applies right across the board, and that includes child safety, which reached our news pages in this issue. Increasingly, as even the youngest children arrive skilled at swiping their tablets, internet safety is becoming a priority. So, it was with particular interest that I spotted a press release on just this topic. OK, most of you will have missed Internet Safety Day, but you can visit the website that set it up. See page 10 and the particular achievements of Kiddi Caru.

Sue Churchill
Editor, Nursery Management Today