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Manager’s Helpline – A personal challenge…
  • A nursery’s success ultimately depends on the personal effectiveness of the leader, who has to inspire and guide her team, while driving the business. But that’s easier said than done. Sue Churchill turned to some of the sector’s experts and asked them what their personal challenges were and how they overcame them.


Training – Be a star… and make a difference
  • In 2016, 14 of Bertram Nurseries’ settings across Manchester, Liverpool and Telford established a Physical Development Stars network to support children’s physical development. Ursula Krystek-Walton introduces the programme and outlines its benefits.



Spotlight – Very loud and bubbly
  • Sue Churchill talks to Lisa Lee-McKenna, a finalist in the Nursery Manager category in the NMT Nursery Awards 2016




The rain it raineth every day

Sue Churchill, Editor

Sue Churchill, Editor

Well, Shakespeare was right. In the last issue, I opened with a reference to rain, and blow me if it isn’t pouring down again, albeit after the hottest June heatwave for decades. We are in strange times. As Linda Baston-Pitt says in her Hot Topics article, the early years sector has never been more praised – nor more starved of funding.
In this issue, innovation fast emerged as a running theme. Ursula Krystek-Walton looks at the thorny issue of how you get children active. We all know a role model is the most effective starting point, but . . .
So, Ursula outlines how she developed a working relationship with a well-established not-for-profit organisation that provided the initial training input – essentially, training the trainers – with the result that the Bertram Group now has a fitter, more informed workforce who are getting the children moving.
Then, there’s the IT dilemma faced by many directors and owners, who buy in first-rate management and learning programmes designed for the sector, and then find there are other areas that aren’t so well covered. What do you do?
The solution for Early Days Nurseries was to design their own bespoke app, that did exactly what they and the parents wanted. Intrigued? Find out more in our IT column. You might be encouraged to take a more hands-on approach yourself.
More stress and strain for those at the top? Possibly. That’s why we not only asked two writers to give their take on personal effectiveness (see our Focus column and the Special Report), but also threw it open to our readers.
Result: a two-page vox pop (the voice of the people in common or garden English) from such big names as London Early Years Forum (LEYF), Kids Planet and Enchanted Forest. Turn to Manager’s Helpline, and you might well find some tips or approaches that haven’t occurred to you.
And that’s not all. We have something for everyone in this issue – from tips on expansion by an award-winning business coach to a reader’s review of a new nutrition training game for staff and parents.
Is that enough to be getting on with? Yes? Then, happy reading and thinking.


Sue Churchill
Editor, Nursery Management Today