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Nursery Management Today (NMT) is a bi-monthly publication aimed at all staff with a management role within nurseries. It recognises the important responsibilities and demands placed upon these professionals, and provides a high quality publication, specifically published for them, to help them meet the challenges they face.

NMT has a strong editorial commitment to helping management staff raise the quality of childcare provided within nurseries and to achieve their own professional goals.

We are confident that you will find Nursery Management Today (NMT) both an extremely useful source of information and an enjoyable read. Subscribe now to ensure you receive your ongoing regular copy.

Why you should subscribe to NMT

  • NMT is written by professionals and experts from the sector, including many nursery managers themselves. It addresses the issues which you know are important
  • NMT is thoroughly researched and written by experts carefully chosen for their ability to provide you with reliable advice and information
  • NMT can make you feel confident that you are up to date with this fast-moving and vibrant sector

Date published: May 8, 2013