NMT Discussions: The nursery sector post-Covid-19: How to recover and thrive

Date: 19 August, 2020

Hosted by:
Ash Pajpani, co-founder and business growth director, Blossom Educational
Rebecca Reeve, client services manager, Blossom Educational

Sandra Copping, operations manager, Colourbox Montessori Group
Carly Garrett, operations manager, Banana Moon HQ
Laura Leigh Davies, owner, Child’s Play Nursery Group
Kay Patel, owner, Happy Tree Nursery

Blossom Educational was established to create a platform that reduced the amount of paperwork for practitioners, allowing them to spend more quality time with children.

No nursery wants to be spending too much time on administrative processes when they could be working with children and growing their setting. With social distancing becoming the ‘new normal’, nurseries are having to adapt the way they communicate with parents and track a child’s development.

Blossom Educational software is built by early years experts from across the UK, using the expertise of owners, managers and practitioners to create a platform fit for all. During this webinar we will hear from Blossom Educational and a number of practitioners about how they are recovering from Covid-19 and how the platform has supported them.

We will be discussing children’s development, risk management, finance, marketing and much more.

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