NMT Discussions: Navigating the new reality for early years

Date: 1 July, 2020
Andrew Clifford, chief operating officer, CC Nurseries Group
Carole Edmond, director, Glassmoon
Sarah Mackenzie, education director, N Family Club
Nicole Politis, director, Portico Day Nurseries

For the past four months the early years sector has tried tirelessly to navigate through the uncertainty caused by Covid-19.

Despite the changing regulations and an unprecedented situation, the sector has continued to pull together to support each other and share guidance in order to successfully continue re-opening.

Our panellists are all part of a sub-group from the Covid-19 Crisis Response Group and they created an in-depth proposal for a safe reopening.

The proposal carefully details how the group is proactively supporting the Government, families and employees as they step towards implementing solutions to come out of the lockdown and work safely.

During this discussion we will explore how settings have implemented the proposal guidelines, the challenges and successes of reopening, and what needs to happen to maintain growth in the long-term.

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