Nursery Agenda

NMT Nursery Agenda – bringing buyers and sellers together

A great, and free, networking opportunity for owners and senior managers of nurseries.
NMT Nursery Agenda offers nursery owners / senior managers and organisations providing products and services to the sector, the opportunity to meet and decide whether they wish to do business together.

Pre-arranged, focused meetings

A key feature of NMT Nursery Agenda is the prearranged nursery provider/supplier meetings lasting 15 minutes, which all take place in a single large meeting area. The suppliers stay fixed at their tables while the nursery owners and managers circulate between them.

“We all live incredibly busy lives”, says Dr Richard Hawkins, Editor–in-Chief of NMT magazine, “and have to fit in as much as possible into our working lives. This concept is so good because it is such an effective and efficient use of our time.”

These meetings offer owners and managers a variety of opportunities to:

  • discuss their requirements with those best able to supply them. Before the event nursery providers are offered the chance to indicate which suppliers and operational areas they are interested in and the organisers do their very best to satisfy their requirements and interests. This model has proved to be highly beneficial to both parties in other sectors. The meetings can be followed up at a later stage if a mutual interest is identified, and often lay the foundation for future trading relationships
  • learn about new products and services which may help them run their nurseries better
  • meet suppliers who may be able to offer them a superior service to the one they are receiving from their current suppliers
  • learn about services and products which may be able to save them money while maintaining or improving the service provided.

Why should you attend NMT Nursery Agenda?

  • Despite the many technological communications changes that have taken place in recent years, meeting face to face with the right people is still the most effective means of communicating and doing business.
  • If you are a manager / owner or a supplier of products and services to the nursery sector, NMT Nursery Agenda will enable you to meet in a convenient luxury location and do business at formal 15 minute meetings.
  • If you are a nursery manager / owner and are looking to source the latest and most cost effective products and services for your nursery(ies) NMT Nursery Agenda is an ideal way to meet many suppliers quickly and conveniently.
  • Buyers and sellers will have the opportunity to meet informally and network. For many this is a more effective forum than trade exhibitions, which rarely attract the senior executives and group owners who are shaping the sector’s future.

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Nursery owners and managers who would like to join NMT Nursery Agenda at no cost to themselves should contact: Caroline Bowern on 020 3746 2617 or email: [email protected] 

Suppliers who would like to take part should contact: Caroline Bowern on 020 3746 2617 or email: [email protected] 

Date published: May 8, 2013