KiddieRail launches to protect children

This month will see the launch of KiddieRail. It is an innovative child friendly handrail for staircases (see attached image).

Most items of furniture are scaled down to fit the small size of toddlers and young children. Chairs, tables, beds, scooters, even umbrellas are made small so that young children can use them easily. However, handrails for household stairs are still designed to fit adults and not children. Young children have a struggle going up stairs and even more of a struggle coming down. One of the biggest concerns of parents with young children is that a child may fall down the stairs and be seriously injured.

We have a product, known as KiddieRail, to help small children negotiate the stairs; a handrail for the house to suit a small child’s height and hand. The height of the handrail is adjustable so that as the child grows the rail can be raised to the optimum height. There are 58,000 under 5s each year having accidents on stairs.

This valuable safety product is being brought to you by Cardea Solutions which has spent a lifetime protecting little ones, originally from its invention Fingershield which prevents finger-trapping incidents. KiddieRail has already won the Baby Products Association prestigious Innovation Award. Furthermore, it has just been recognised by MADE in Britain.  Cardea Solutions (and KiddieRail) is exceptionally proud to have joined Britain’s best manufacturers in using the protected collective mark, “MADE in Britain”.

Made in Britain is a growing community of manufacturers applying the distinctive mark to products, packaging, websites and social media. By joining its organisation, our business is making it really clear to buyers, specifiers and consumers that we’re manufacturing in Britain, and to the very highest standards.

The product has ease of self-assembly and comes in versions to fit every staircase.

Readers who want to be one of the first to take advantage of this KiddieRail launch are further rewarded by a 10% discount by using code ‘saferstairs2021’ in the online shop at

Date published: November 24, 2021