Fennies announces partnership with leading early years expert

Fennies Nurseries has announced its partnership with child psychologist and developmental neuroscientist, Sam Wass.

Wass will be working closely with Fennies head of education as their child development expert.

This fantastic partnership will provide further insight into early years education and build on Fennies current stream of advice, content and insight for registered parents, potential parents, existing staff members and potential recruits.  


Sam Wass shall provide cutting-edge research into child development from his own research group – covering a range of topics including how different types of home environments influence children, how different early years nursery settings affect children and how children’s brains engage with learning tasks differently when they are doing tasks on their own compared to with other people. 


There will also be an emphasis placed on the effects of digital media on children, how children are affected differently by stress, as well as a range of other topics on the themes of early years learning, concentration, language development and other relevant and crucial topics.  


Rageena Tahir, head of education at Fennies, commented on the partnership:

‘We are delighted to be working closely with Sam Wass; his expertise in child development will have a profound impact on the educational offering, staff training, and overall learning journey at Fennies.’


In addition, Sam Wass shall summarise new research from other groups, so Fennies can provide a section in the MIR about the latest updates. Sam Wass will also be contributing and generating ideas around content relating to sleeping patterns, tantrums, to child media (books/TV/games etc), feeding, and various other essential topics within early years.  

Date published: November 24, 2021