Q-Bell knocks up support

Q-Bell is a virtual doorbell that allows nursery to control to flow of parents and children coming to their doors.

The pandemic has highlighted the urgent need to implement more rigourous safety measures to protect our society.

How it works?

Customers will see a list of available Q-Bells, made up of private Q-Bells they have been invited to, or public Q-Bells that are nearby. The customer can then simply press the button to “ring” the Q-Bell and inform you they are there.

When customers ring your nursery’s Q-Bell they will appear on screen, queued up in the order that they rang. When you are ready to welcome the parent or carer you can type a message manually, or simply click a configurable “pre-canned” response such as “pick up”, to send a message of your choice.

This technology makes the entire drop off and pick up process stress free and simple. The parents won’t be in massive queues and the practitioners will have more quality time to welcome each child.

Khayam Ezzat, owner, Funding Loop said: ‘We have tried to make the product as accessible as possible by being easy to set up, intuitive to use and affordable at only £4.95 a month.

‘The response from nurseries has been amazing who have found it a simple solution to a very real problem.’

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