Prime Minister Boris Johnson officially opens the new Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Greenford

The Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Greenford owners John and Sukhy Gill, alongside their family and team welcomed the Prime Minister Boris Johnson in to officially open their new nursery.

The Prime Minister was joined by Andrea Leadsom MP, as well as the Sky news presenter, Beth Rigby. Taking a tour around the new setting, Boris Johnson participated in activities with the children and took his time to talk to John and Sukhy Gill.

Prime Minster Boris Jonson said:

‘Monkey Puzzle Greenford is an amazing facility with great resources and equipment. The nursery will provide the best start to the young people of Greenford.’

The Prime minister elaborated that he was pleased to see lots of healthy eating within the nursery, a topic that has never been more important.

Nursery owner, Sukhy said:

‘This is our second nursery site within the Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Franchise and we are very excited to be able to offer our services and expertise to the Greenford area.

‘The key to our success over the years has been the management we have in place, including the support we receive from Monkey Puzzle Head Office. We are fortunate to be able to share the good practice from our sister nursery, Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge and Deepa (our Nursery Manager), has a wealth of experience to instill into Monkey Puzzle Greenford.’

John was asked if the build and opening process was difficult due to Covid-19. John commented:

‘The opening of the nursery was significantly delayed due to the pandemic however, with the government’s support we were able to continue the project and ensure that we continued to be on top of safety procedures and social distancing within the nursery.

‘It has been amazing to be part of the nursery build project from the outset and we have been fully supported by the Grey Star Development Team who have created an amazing community at Greenford Quay.’

If you are in need of childcare for children aged 3 months-5 years of age, please contact the nursery on 020 3918 1607 or to arrange a viewing of Monkey Puzzle Greenford.

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