Scottish Nursery Awards 2017

Winners Announced!

The Scottish NMT Nursery Awards are designed to discover and reward the very best people in the Scottish nursery sector. Here at NMT we are delighted that YPO are our Main Sponsor this year.

“YPO is delighted to sponsor the 4th Scottish NMT Nursery Awards in September 2017. We look forward to celebrating the successes of the Scottish nursery and early years sector, recognising the achievements from the organisations and individuals delivering compassion, innovation and excellence.” – YPO














Scottish NMT Nursery Awards 2017 Winners:

Nursery Training & Development Award


The Orchard Nursery, Kirkliston Orchard Nursery

The Judges chose The Orchard Nursery because their commitment and passion for learning is making a 360 degree impact on managers/staff/families & most importantly, the children. A love of learning has been developed as the leader set the tone for self-improvement. Their Training and Development investment is measurable and clearly defined, all training is provided by the owner to make a positive impact on the children’s learning, development and outcomes. We felt their passion!


Individual Nursery Award


Arbor Green Nursery

The Judges were inspired by the obvious enthusiasm the management and staff bring to the nursery. There is great involvement with the local community and their ethos and the diversity of staff and children was implicit in their integrated setting.



Nursery Indoor Learning Environment Award


Cadzow Nursery School

The Judges chose Cadzow who have been on a journey over the past 3 years. This has seen the new manager, Leanne , completely transforming the overall learning environment. She has engaged the staff, children and parents in enhancing the overall learning opportunities for the children through her passion and dedication.

Nursery Team


Monkey Puzzle Glasgow Central

The judges chose Monkey Puzzle because their team spirit shone through. They demonstrated how they have established, in a short space of time, a strong, cohesive staff team. How staff collaborate to meet the needs of the local community is to be celebrated. A well deserved winner of this prestigious award.


Nursery Manager


Jennifer Marshall, Enchanted Forest Nursery

The judges chose Jennifer because although her priority is to make little people feel precious, she also recognises importance of running a nursery and it being successful. She always provides fun experiences and is an excellent role model to the staff team. This ultimately leads to children to be the best that they can be.



Nursery Product or Innovation


Tilt and Touch Evolution Table, Route 2 Education Technology

The judges chose this product because it provides children with multiple opportunities to develop and enhance skills across the curriculum. It offers versatility to managers, staff and children and would be a core element in everyday practise.




Nursery Operations/Regional Director Award


Irene Hogg, LASC Childcare Services

The judges chose Irene because she demonstrated her passion and commitment to children, parents and staff from all sectors. She dedicates her time and knowledge effectively supporting her managers and staff whilst still finding the time to be involved in numerous voluntary organisations.



Nursery Outdoor Learning Environment


Red Squirrel Nursery

The judges chose Red Squirrel because the passion and dedication shown by Federico was exemplary. The Outdoor environment within the woodlands was outstanding and the learning experiences are truly led by the children which is inspirational.



Nursery Nurse/Childcare Worker


Kirsty Hunter, Pinocchio’s Children’s Nurseries Ltd

Kirsty started working as a young support worker and progressed to a confident practitioner and key worker. In a parent’s words Kirsty is a perfect role model to any training staff. The judges were impressed with her enthusiasm and passion for childcare which shone through.



Nursery Group


The Orchard Nurseries

The judges found this a very difficult group to judge as all of the entrants displayed passion at a group level. Orchard Nursery Group ticked all the boxes with innovation and responsiveness. Their 360 degree philosophy involved everyone.



Nursery Personality


Emma Grandison, Pinocchio’s Children’s Nurseries

The judges chose Emma because she has an infectious personality, who felt privileged to work with children and who loves Mondays. Emma is incredibly memorable and makes a big impression on people, she has had a child named after her. The Judges were blown away by her energy and enthusiasm. She talked, the judges listened!



Winners Album

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4th Scottish NMT Nursery Awards Winners

Awards Evening

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4th Scottish NMT Nursery Awards

Thank you to our host Cat Harvey!

Cat Harvey is an award winning Radio and TV Presenter, Columnist, Travel Writer, Events Host and Pantomime star.

Cat was the first female staff football writer in Scotland joining the Evening Times from University, from there she moved to STV presenting Champions League Extra and reporting on Scotsport and Extra Time.

Cat has also worked for the Comedy Unit directing inserts and co- presenting Offside on BBC1 Scotland with Tam Cowan before joining Real Radio in 2002. She presented the Breakfast Show there for eleven years before taking over the same role on Heart. Along with radio partner of three years Ewen Cameron, their show ‘Ewen and Cat’ won the UK Arquiva Commercial Breakfast Show of the year 2012, two SONYS and the New York Radio Academy award for World Personality show of the year 2013.

Cat now presents a Network Sunday morning show for Bauer Media which includes Clyde 1, Forth 1, West FM, Tay FM, Northsound 1, Radio Borders and MFR. She also writes a weekly column in Scotland’s largest selling paper the Sunday Mail and has appeared in over 650 Pantomime performances at the Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow, playing many roles including a roller-skating fairy, a fat monk, a pirate and the baddie.


Huge congratulations to all the Scottish NMT Nursery Awards Finalists! See the full list below:

Nursery Training & Development Award

We are looking to acknowledge and reward exceptional commitment to training and developing staff. The Award could go to an outstanding business, nursery or individual who is making an exceptional contribution to enhancing training within the childcare sector.

• Katrina Weir, Pinocchio’s Children’s Nurseries Ltd
• Jane Brumpton & Tracey Robertson, Early Years Scotland
• Vicky Coia & Melanie Aspin, The Orchard Nurseries
• Lorraine Kirkwood & Natalie Dolan, Monkey Puzzle Glasgow Central
• Carol MacRae & Kathleen Maclennan, Ankerville Nurseries

Individual Nursery Award

Awarded to a nursery that is a single owned and run site (i.e. not part of a multiple group of owned nurseries) which has, in the view of the judges, created the very best environment to promote the highest levels of childcare, staff morale and business performance.

• Leanne Imrie & Karen Bell, Argyle Bridge Children’s Nursery
• Hazel Fortune & Angie Dickson, Arbor Green Nursery
• Danielle Ramsay & Gail Hunter, Auchlone Nature Kindergarten
• Steven White & Sheetal Shah, Tiptoes Children’s Nursery
• Anne Craigens & Amanda Moore, Happy Feet Nursery

Nursery Indoor Learning Environment Award

This Award will be won by the nursery which has created an environment that most inspires and excites children. The entry will show how the nursery actively involves children in their learning, as well as celebrating their achievements.

• Leanne Kelly & Bill Hyslop, Cadzow Nursery School
• Charlie Wardill & Chelsea Watson, Heriot Hill Nursery
• Lorraine Jack & Amanda Hughes, Happy Days Too
• Sarah Lowe & Clarice Bell, Enchanted Forest Early Learning
• Norma McFarlane & Amanda MacDonald, Arnhall Nursery, Peartree Nurseries

Nursery Team

This award will go to the nursery team that has developed and maintained an excellent standard of childcare showing exceptional group values and a commitment to working together for the common good.

• Angela Fitzpartrick & Pauline Davis, Little Stars Hillington, Little Stars
• Kathryn Brodie & Meagan Blyth, Bright Beginnings Nursery Falkirk, Bertram Nursery Group
• Lorraine Kirkwood & Paddy Mahoney, Monkey Puzzle Glasgow Central
• Emma Stewart & Sarah Hutichinson-Orr, Bishopbriggs Childcare Centre, Bright Horizons
• Kelly Culbard & Sarah Keenan, City and Little City Nursery

Nursery Manager

The nursery sector depends on the very best managers for its current and future success. This award will be won by the manager who has shown outstanding caring and business skills and leadership in developing a thriving, high quality nursery which delivers a superb environment for children, staff and parents.

• Christine McKay, Doune Terrace Nursery, Early Days Nurseries
• Jennifer Marshall, Enchanted Forest Early Learning
• Vicky Richardson, Fenton Barns Nursery Ltd
• Janelle Brown, Wellside Kindergarten
• Heather Goode, Pear Tree Nursery

Nursery Operations/Regional Director Award

The winning Operations or Regional Director will have demonstrated exceptional vision and leadership across the settings they are responsible for, enhancing the reputation and success of the Group as a whole.

• Jennifer Fawcett, Step by Step Nurseries
• Michelle Mcleary, Little Flyers Nursery
• Irene Hogg, LASC Childcare Services
• Lisa McGarry, Enchanted Forest Early Learning

Nursery Group

This award is open to nursery groups with two or more Scottish settings and is designed to recognise a forward thinking group which has shown outstanding success in delivering high quality childcare, well-trained and motivated staff, inspirational values, focus across the group and financial success.

• Karen Flynn & Lisa Robb, Kirktonholme Childcare
• Julie Campbell & Cary Rankin, Bertram Nursery Group
• Jean Smart & Angela Thompson, Collin Care Ltd
• Lynne Alexander & Jennifer Fawcett, Step by Step Private Nurseries
• Vicky Coia & Claire Millar, The Orchard Nurseries

Nursery Product or Innovation

Awarded to the nursery supply company that has, in the view of the judges, brought to the nursery sector the most exciting and important product or innovation over the past two years.

  • Hannah Klein & Mercedes Peake, Chalkboard People Blocks, Hope Education
  • Richard Bijster, Tilt and Touch Evolution Table, Route 2 Education Technology
  • Darryl Reardon, ParentZone, Connect Childcare
  • Anders Laustsen, Famly
  • Daphne Lansbury, Millhouse Playscapes, Millhouse Manufacturing Design

Nursery Outdoor Learning Environment

This award will be made to the nursery which has, in the view of the judges, created an outdoor ‘living classroom’ that inspires and excites children. Activities that promote physical well-being, creativity and first-hand learning experiences will be sought.

• Carole Japp-Aitken & Federico Maresca, Red Squirrel Children’s Nursery
• Hazel Fortune & Angie Dickson, Arbor Green Nursery
• Norma McFarlane & Hannah McFarlane, Arnhall Day Nurseries, Peartree Nurseries
• Lisa Robb & Chloe Bree, Kirktonholme Nursery
• Angela Fitzpartrick & Pauline Davis, Little Stars

Nursery Nurse/Childcare Worker

This Award recognises the outstanding childcare provided by a Nursery Nurse/Childcare Practitioner. The childcare will include warmth, equality, responsibility, safety, fairness and being supportive in all relationships involving the children, parents and organisation.

• Kirsty Hunter, Pinocchio’s Children’s Nurseries Ltd
• Danielle Downie, Collin Care Ltd
• Maria Gonzalez Martin, Busy Bees
• Kerry Hunter, Treehouse Nursery, Bright Horizons Family Solutions
• Katrina Kenmore, Happitots Day Nursery, Bertram Nursery Group

Nursery Personality of Year Award

We’re looking for the person whose great personality and energy has made a real difference in their own setting in ways which are truly inspiring and memorable. This person will actively promote excellent care for their children, peace of mind for parents and a happy working environment.

• Emma Grandison, Pinocchio’s Children’s Nurseries Ltd
• Chelsea Ramm, Happy Days Nursery
• Jamie Miller, Pied Piper Nursery Ltd
• Sally Fox, Treetops Nursery, Collin Care
• Lisa McDonald, Pinocchio’s Children’s Nurseries Ltd


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Take a look at 2016 Scottish Nursery Awards below

The Scottish NMT Nursery Awards were held at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow on 2nd September 2016 directly following the third Scottish Nursery Agenda.



Layout 1

The Scottish NMT Nursery Awards are designed to discover and reward the very best people in the Scottish nursery sector. Here at NMT we are delighted that The Consortium Early Years were our main sponsor again this year.

“The Consortium Early Years is once again delighted to have been the main sponsor at the 3rd Scottish NMT Nursery Awards 2016. We are proud to have been involved in celebrating the very best in the Scottish nursery sector and acknowledging the passion, care and innovation of the organisations and individuals within the industry” – The Consortium Early Years


Scottish NMT Nursery Awards 2016 Winners:



Lullaby Lane Nursery

The judges chose Lullaby Lane because they stood out as taking training & development to the next level. They had an innovative approach to learning and within their setting they used bespoke training that enhanced and raised attainment in their nursery. Above all this created setting where children had fun and gave staff confidence for the setting to go above and beyond

INDIVIDUAL NURSERYindividual-nursery-2016

Wellside Kindergarten

The Judges chose Wellside Kindergarten because they were impressed by the 23 years of continuous high quality, personable, respected and valued passion for the local community. The commitment of Susan, Janelle and their team shone through


Four Seasons at Skypark
Asquith Day Nurseries & Pre-schools

The judges chose Four seasons at Skypark because they clearly demonstrated that they operate in a first class learning environment and that the children are at the centre of all decisions made in regard to their learning environment and development and heavily influenced the outcome along with strong staff and parent involvement


Happy Feet Nursery & Out of School Club

The judges chose Happy Feet because the team displayed passion and expertise with innovative processes, focusing on improving outcomes for children, which involved the whole staff team. There was an ethos of empowering the team and their enthusiasm was inspiring


Lorraine Kirkwood
Monkey Puzzle Glasgow Central

The judges chose Lorraine because she understands the importance of strong leadership and management and how it impacts on childcare. She has been innovative in making partnerships which benefit the community and deliver business plan objectives. Above all her passion for childcare, her team, and quality childcare shines through


Luco Bricks
Millhouse Manufacturing and Design

The judges chose Luco Bricks because this product has the potential to unlock engineering possibilities for boys and girls even in the Early Years. It is unique in design and had children fully involved in market testing. Luco Bricks are based on a well established product using former lego engineers, whats more – no instruction manual allowing edless possibilities for young learners and those not so young!


Auchlone Nature Kindergarten

The judges chose Auchlone Nature Kindergarten because they demonstrated a high quality outdoor living classroom that inspires and excited children. The children were very much involved in decision making and planning. Overall the nursery provides fantastic life skill opportunities that the children can use with confidence


Nadine Muir
Treetops, Collin Care

The judges chose Nadine because of her outstanding commitment to supporting children and families. She combines practical, effective approaches to support bonding between children and parents/carers, with compassion, competence and evidence of real professional love


Enchanted Forest Early Learning

The judges chose Enchanted Forest Early Learning because their attention to detail in making sure that everyone in their business flourishes whether they are a child in their care or a valued member was paramount. Also, quality control in ensuring their vision was consistent across their group was exemplary


Gillian Harvey

Pear Tree Nurseries

The judges chose Gillian because she has such a passionate engaging personality which re-writes the rules, digs huge holes to jump into and lights fires under people. After 10 plus years of continuous training Gillian believes there is still more to learn. A worthy winner from a very strong shortlist

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENTlifetime-achievement-2016

Jean Smart
Collin Care

The judges chose Jean for this prestigious award because she is an individual who has made significant, fundamental contributions to the sector and demonstrates a lifetime commitment to children and families.  She has exhibited Leadership, and provided inspiration to others in the sector as well as having a positive influence locally and nationally.  Jean has contributed above and beyond the everyday and has had a long lasting impact in the sector in spite of some very serious challenges along the way


EReid-200x110Event Host : Edward Reid

Edward shot to fame after appearing in Britain’s Got Talent back in 2011 and impressed the judges and public with his wonderful twist on nursery rhymes. Since appearing on the show Edward  has been engulfed with success and performs regularly at corporate and charity events around Scotland and the UK. Edward’s extensive range of songs are captivating and he has enjoyed entertaining not only in his first passion musical theatre, but in comedies, cruise ships, theatre, production cabaret and pantomime. He scooped Radio Forth’s Best Fringe in 2012 Show for his one man show ‘Living The Dream One Song At A Time’ and was awarded Bighearted Scotland’s Entertainer of The Year in 2013.

A huge congratulation to all the Scottish NMT Nursery Awards Finalists! See the full list below:

Nursery Training & Development 2016

  • Lisa McGarry & Carla Fulton, Enchanted Forest Early Learning
  • Lewissa Koulis & Stratos Koulis, Pinocchio’s Children’s Nurseries Ltd
  • Angela Savage & Gail Farquhar, Sheephouse Nursery
  • Pauline Scott & Sarah Jane Mckillop, Lullaby Lane Nursery
  • Claire Rowan & Anne Jenkins, Carousel Nurseries Ltd

Individual Nursery 2016

  • Susan Adrian & Janelle Brown, Wellside Kindergarten
  • Angie Dickson & Hazel Fortune, Arbor Green Nursery
  • Kirsty Pacitti, Priestfield House Nursery
  • Angela Savage & Gail Farquhar, Sheephouse Nursery
  • Pauline Scott & Sarah Jane Mckillop, Lullaby Lane Nursery

Indoor Learning Environment 2016

  • Angela Fitzpatrick & Pauline Davis, Little Stars
  • Angela Thomson & Leighann Ross, Rivendale Nursery, Collin Care
  • Clare Robertson & Dee Hunt, Loretto Nursery, Bertram Nursery Group
  • Lyndsay Kilpatrick & Kirstie Mann, Four Seasons at Skypark, Asquith Day Nurseries & Pre-schools
  • Carrie Macdonald & Elizabeth Johnston, Four Seasons at Spectrum, Asquith Day Nurseries & Pre-schools

Nursery Team 2016

  • Carol MacRae & Fiona MacRae, Ankerville Nurseries
  • Angela Fitzpatrick & Pauline Davis, Little Stars
  • Vicky Coia & Claire Millar, Kirkliston Orchard Nursery
  • Anne Craigens & Amanda Moore, Happy Feet Nursery & Out of School Club
  • Angela Savage & Gail Farquhar, Sheephouse Nursery

Nursery Manager 2016

  • Shirley Clark, Happy Feet Nursery & Out of School Club
  • Lorraine Kirkwood, Monkey Puzzle Glasgow Central
  • Margaret Rodger, Kirktonholme Nursery, Kirktonholme Nurseries
  • Nicola King, Oranges and Lemons, Bertram Nursery Group

Nursery Product or Innovation 2016

  • Hannah Klein & Steph Dobson, Hope Education (Product: Rattle and Roll)
  • Iain Stewart, The Magic Dryer Company (Product: Puff the Magic Dryer)
  • Daphne Lansbury, Millhouse (Product: Luco Bricks)
  • Daphne Lansbury, Millhouse (Product: Playscapes Furniture Zone)

Nursery Outdoor Learning Environment 2016

  • Claire Warden, Auchlone Nature Kindergarten
  • Norma McFarlane & Amanda McDonald, Arnhall Day Nursery, Pear Tree Nurseries
  • Angie Dickson & Hazel Fortune, Arbor Green Nursery
  • Leanne Kelly & Bill Hyslop, Cadzow Nursery School
  • Anne Easton, Bantaskin Primary School

Nursery Nurse / Childcare 2016

  • Michelle Gorman, Enchanted Forest Early Learning
  • Nadine Muir, Treetops Nursery, Collin Care
  • David Spiden, Pear Tree Nursery, Pear Tree Nurseries
  • Sarah Dunne, Happy Feet Nursery & Out of School Club
  • Kerry McDowall, Renfrew Day Nursery, Asquith Day Nurseries & Pre-schools

 Nursery Group 2016

  • Mahyar Montazavi & Diane Young, Wee Gems Group
  • Shona Melrose & Lisa Bennet, Cherrytrees Nurseries Ltd
  • Carol MacRae & Fiona MacRae, Ankerville Nurseries
  • Claire Rowan & Anne Jenkins, Carousel Nurseries Ltd
  • Mariessa Devlin & Bernie Devlin, Enchanted Forest Early Learning

 Nursery Personality 2016

  • Danielle Downie, Carldonald Nursery, Collin Care
  • Amy Melvin, Happy Feet Nursery & Out of School Club
  • Gillian Harvey, Pear tree Nursery, Pear Tree Nurseries
  • Lisa Robb, Kirktonholme Private Nursery, Kirktonholme Nurseries
  • Patrick Mahoney, Monkey Puzzle Glasgow Central

 Nursery Lifetime Achievement 2016

  • Mariessa Devlin, Enchanted Forest Early Learning
  • Stratos Koulis, Pinocchio’s Children’s Nurseries Ltd
  • Jean Smart, Collin Care
  • Charmaine Ness, Kidsplay Childcare, Bertram Nursery Group


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