NMT Nursery Agenda South West

The NMT Agenda is heading
to the South West!

The NMT Nursery Agenda will be heading down to the South West this Summer for the first time! We will be hosting the event at the DoubleTree Hilton, Cadbury House on the 5th July 2017. This popular event uses a well-proven and much appreciated formula to offer nursery owners, managing directors and operations directors, as well as organisations
providing products and services to the nursery sector, the opportunity to meet and decide whether
they wish to do business together. The event also offered those attending the chance to update themselves on the key issues in the nursery sector and meet some of the leading personalities.

This will be at no cost to nurseries!

The programme will include:

  • Meetings between providers and suppliers
  • An interactive Hot Topics conference session with Q&As
  • Single room overnight accommodation and breakfast.

A key feature of NMT Nursery Agenda is the pre-arranged provider/supplier meetings lasting 15 minutes, which will all take place in a single large meeting area. The suppliers will have designated tables/locations while the nurseries circulate between them. Each supplier can expect to have 15 meetings, while the nurseries may have less.




If you are a nursery owner / managing director / operations director and would like to attend this unique event, or if you are a supplier and would like to book space or a sponsorship package, please contact Caroline Bowern, email: caroline@hawkerpublications.com

Providers confirmed to date:

  1. Acorn Early Years Foundation
  2. Atelier Nursery Ltd
  3. Daisy Fays Nursery Ltd
  4. Dean Close Nurseries Ltd
  5. Free Rangers Forest Schools Ltd
  6. Golden Valley House Day Nurseries
  7. Good Manors Nurseries Ltd
  8. Happy Days South West Limited (Happy Days Nurseries)
  9. Hollies Day Nurseries LLP
  10. Honeytree Day Nursery
  11. Little Starz Nursery
  12. Mama Bears Day Nursery Ltd
  13. Naturally Learning Ltd
  14. New Road Nursery (MC & SH Cawley Ltd)
  15. Nuffield Health
  16. Rainbow Smiles
  17. Rocking Horse Nursery
  18. Snapdragons Nurseries Ltd
  19. South Hills Nursery Schools
  20. Springfield Bees
  21. Stonecroft Day Nursery Ltd
  22. Sunny Days Children’s Nursery
  23. The Old Station Nursery Ltd
  24. The Wendy House Day Nurseries
  25. Tiny Toez Limited
  26. Tops Day Nurseries
  27. Yellow Dot

Suppliers confirmed to date:

  1. Christie & Co
  2. Community Playthings
  3. Connect Childcare
  4. Creative Play UK Ltd
  5. daynurseries.co.uk
  6. dot2dot
  7. Early Years Direct Ltd
  8. eyMan – Early Years Management / eyLog – Early Years Log
  9. Famly
  10. FirstSteps Software
  11. Hope Education
  12. Hopscotch Early Years Consultancy
  13. Kinderly
  14. KOMPAN
  15. Lifetime Training
  16. Millhouse Manufacturing & Design
  17. Morleys (Bicester) Ltd
  18. Redwoods Dowling Kerr
  19. Route2 Education Technology
  20. Shout Aloud
  21. TG Escapes Ltd – The Learning Escape
  22. The Consortium Early Years
  23. The Service Directory
  24. Timotay Playscapes
  25. TTS Group
  26. Wesco
  27. YPO

Sponsors confirmed to date:

  • Main Sponsor: The Consortium Early Years





  • ‘Pimm’s on the Lawn’/Drinks Reception Sponsor: Christie & Co



  • Dinner Sponsor: Connect Childcare





  • Raffle Sponsors: (more sponsorships are available)
  • eyMan – Early Years Management / eyLog – Early Years Log
  • Community Playthings
  • Kinderly

If you are a supplier and would like to book space or a sponsorship package, please contact Caroline Bowern, email: caroline@hawkerpublications.com