Agenda Scotland

Nursery Agenda Scotland returns to the Hilton Glasgow for another year, on 30th August 2019.

Do not hesitate to join us for this exciting networking event!

This popular event uses a well-proven and much appreciated formula to offer nursery owners, managing directors and operations directors, as well as organisations providing products and services to the nursery sector, the opportunity to meet and decide whether they wish to do business together. The event also offers those attending the chance to update themselves on the key issues in the nursery sector and meet some of the leading personalities.

Confirmed Providers so far:

  1. ACE Place Nursery & Out of School Club
  2. Acrewood Nurseries
  3. Ankerville Nurseries
  4. Auchlone Nursery and Mindstretchers Academy
  5. Bright Horizons Family Solutions
  6. Cadzow Nursery School
  7. Castlegate Nursery & Out of School Club Limited
  8. Collin Care Ltd / Mayfield Nurseries
  9. Fenton Barns Nursery
  10. Forbes Children’s Nursery
  11. Forward Steps Nursery
  12. Happy Feet Nursery & Out of School Club
  13. Heron House Early Years Limited
  14. Jobs and Business Glasgow
  15. Kidzcare Ltd
  16. Kirktonholme Childcare
  17. Little Beehive Nursery
  18. Little Hawthorne Nursery
  19. Midlothian Sure Start
  20. Monkey Puzzle Glasgow Central
  21. Pear Tree Nurseries Ltd
  22. Pine Trees Nursery
  23. Pinocchio’s Children’s Nursery
  24. The Red Squirrel Children’s Nursery
  25. The Secret Garden Outdoor Nursery

Confirmed Suppliers so far:

  1. Blossom Educational
  2. Christie & Co
  3. Community Playthings
  4. Consortium & TTS
  6. eyLog – Early Years Log
  7. Famly
  8. Flexible Childcare Services Scotland
  9. Hope Education
  10. Millhouse
  11. RM Education


Get involved with our exciting raffle!

The raffle give-away at NMT Nursery Agenda Scotland occurs after the day event, during the 6th National NMT Nursery Awards in support of our fantastic Charity Sponsor, Aberlour!

“At Aberlour, we are there for children, young people and families across Scotland, helping transform lives for the better and are committed to getting it right for our children by tailoring our services to help each child, young person and family achieve their own personal goals. We offer support at the earliest opportunity – giving children the best possible start in life is at the heart of everything we do.”

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Get in touch with the team!

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  • If you are a supplier and would like to book space or a sponsorship package for a future event, please contact Caroline Bowern, email:








Nursery Agenda Scotland once again was held at the Hilton Glasgow on 31st August 2018!

The very last day of summer saw 25 nurseries from across Scotland enjoying a well-earned respite from the pressures of work.  Nurseries attended the annual Nursery Agenda Scotland to take advantage of the speed-dating sessions with providers, networking opportunities and Hot Topics session – not to mention all free for providers!

A big topic in the Hot Topics sessions was the massive expansion of the ‘free’ places for all three and four year old children and eligible 2 year olds – a doubling of provision to 1140 hours.  All this by 2020.  Not surprising that the tone of the discussion ranged from infuriated to resigned.  Ever practical, attendees discussed the three challenges for nurseries this year: staff wages, recruiting and retaining staff and making a profit.  The final consensus was that there was even more of a need for effective communication: with their SMP’s, local councils and each other.

 Providers who attended:

  1. ACE Place Nursery & Out of School Care
  2. Arbor Green Nursery
  3. Bertram Nursery Group
  4. Bright Horizons Family Solutions
  5. Cadzow Nursery School
  6. Care Concern Nurseries
  7. Choice Started Limited
  8. Collin Care Ltd
  9. Craighead Country Nursery School
  10. Enchanted Forest Early Learning
  11. Flexible Childcare Services Scotland
  12. Forward Steps Nursery
  13. Happy Feet Nursery & Out of School Club
  14. Jobs & Business Glasgow
  15. Kirktonholme Childcare
  16. LASC Childcare Services
  17. Little Flyers
  18. Mayfield Nursery
  19. Midlothian Sure Start
  20. Pear Tree Nurseries Ltd
  21. Pied Piper Nursery
  22. Pinocchio’s Children’s Nurseries
  23. Start Bright Nursery Ltd
  24. The Red Squirrel Children’s Nursery
  25. Wiggly Worms Children’s Day Nursery

Suppliers who attended: 

  1. Allied Irish Bank
  2. Christie & Co
  3. Community Playthings
  4. Connect Childcare
  5. Cosy Direct
  6. Creative Play UK Ltd
  7. dot2dot Nursery Insurance
  8. eyLog: The Early Years Log
  9. Famly
  10. FirstSteps Software
  11. Hope Education
  12. Millhouse Manufacturing Design
  13. Nexus TEC Ltd
  14. Ontex Healthcare UK – Freelife by Bebecash
  15. Route2 Education
  16. The Consortium Early Years / TTS Group