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We’ve launched a new webinar series “NMT Discussions” as part of our commitment to our readers to provide the latest information and updates during the ongoing pandemic.

Upcoming webinar:

NMT Discussions: The nursery sector post-Covid-19: How to recover and thrive

Wednesday 19 August, 14:30 BST

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Join us for the next NMT Discussion on Wednesday 19 August at 14:30 BST.

Blossom Educational was established to create a platform that reduced the amount of paperwork for practitioners, allowing them to spend more quality time with children.
No nursery wants to be spending too much time on administrative processes when they could be working with children and growing their setting. With social distancing becoming the ‘new normal’, nurseries are having to adapt the way they communicate with parents and track a child’s development.

Blossom Educational software is built by early years experts from across the UK, using the expertise of owners, managers and practitioners to create a platform fit for all. During this webinar we will hear from Blossom Educational and a number of practitioners about how they are recovering from Covid-19 and how the platform has supported them.

We will be discussing children’s development, risk management, finance, marketing and much more.
After the panel discussion there will be an opportunity to ask our experts questions. This webinar is a fantastic opportunity for providers, suppliers and investors across the early years sector to engage with the present expert thinking during this pandemic.


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Past webinars:

NMT Discussions: Navigating the lending landscape during Covid-19 – Discussion + Q&A with Mohith Sondhi, senior director, debt finance at OakNorth Bank and Taj Heer, co-founder and director of Bright Minds Daycare

NMT Discussions: Working together through Covid-19: A providers experience – Discussion + Q&A with Karen Clince, chief executive, Tigers Childcare; Khayam Ezzat, owner, Funding Loop; Cheryl Hadland, founder and managing director, Tops Day Nurseries; Susan McGhee, chief executive, Flexible Childcare Services Scotland and June O’Sullivan, chief executive, London Early Years Foundation

NMT Discussions: The importance of EY online communities during a crisis – Discussion + Q&A with Dr Helen Edwards & Steve Edwards, co-founders and directors, The Foundation Stage Forum and Tapestry

NMT Discussions: Navigating the new reality for early years – Discussion + Q&A with Andrew Clifford, chief operating officer, CC Nurseries Group; Carole Edmond, director, Glassmoon; Sarah Mackenzie, education director, N Family Club & Nicole Politis, director, Portico Day Nurseries

NMT Discussions: How Covid-19 has changed the way we communicate – Discussion + Q&A with Matt Arnerich, head of content, Famly and Ruth Pimentel, chief executive, Kindred Nurseries

NMT Discussions: Managing and improving wellbeing in the workplace – Discussion + Q&A with Linda Baston-Pitt, chief executive, PurpleBee Learning; Tracy Hutchison, director, Beach Babies; Sheila McDerment, business psychologist and coach, MC Works and Annie Tierney, head of operations, Kindred Education

NMT Discussions: Restarting and supporting early years through Covid-19 Discussion + Q&A with; Kamal Chauhan, partner, licensing, regulatory and tax team, Harrison Clark Rickerbys; Arun Kanwar, partner, Cairneagle; Rebecca Leask, partner and notary public, corporate team, Harrison Clark Rickerbys; Kristine Scott, partner and head of education team, Harrison Clark Rickerbys and Sarah Steel, chief executive, The Old Station Nursery

NMT Discussions: What Covid-19 means for the childcare market – Discussion + Q&A with Nick Brown, regional director & head of brokerage – childcare, Christie & Co, Jeremy Cashmore, head of valuation – care and education, Christie & Co, Courteney Donaldson, managing director – childcare & education, Christie & Co and Michael Hodges, managing director – care consultancy, Christie & Co

NMT Discussions: Food for thought post Covid-19 – Discussion + Q&A with Jonathan Player, managing director, The Professional Nursery Kitchen

NMT Discussions: Navigating strategies during Covid-19 uncertainty – Discussion + Q&A with Clare Roberts, chief executive of Kids Planet Day Nurseries and Jonathan Jay, managing director of Welcome Nurseries

NMT Discussions: How digital platforms can support the early years sector – Discussion + Q&A with John Ingham, chief information officer at Connect Childcare

NMT Discussions: The digital route to access childcare – Discussion + Q&A with Susan McGhee,chief executive of Flexible Childcare Services Scotland

NMT Discussions: Responding to the business impact of Covid-19 – Discussion + Q&A with Richard Blunden, group managing director, Monkey Puzzle Group, Rosemary Collard, director, Snapdragons Nurseries, Cheryl Hadland, founder and managing director, Tops Day Nurseries & Andy Morris, chairman, Little Garden Day Nurseries

NMT Discussions: Policy pain points – Discussion + Q&A with Punima Tanuku, NDNA

NMT Discussions: How the Covid-19 response has unfolded so far – Discussion + Q&A with Carole Edmonds, Glassmoon, Arun Kanwar, Cairneagle, Neil Leitch, Early Years Alliance, June O’Sullivan, LEYF & Sarah Steel, The Old Station Nursery


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Speaking opportunities: briony.richter@investorpublishing.co.uk

Sponsorship opportunities: caroline.bowern@investorpublishing.co.uk