Hand crafted Wind Spinners for your outdoor space

Created from a family based workshop in Nonington Kent, Wind Spinners repurpose discarded furniture into unique and completely natural garden accessories. The family use whatever is available including the use of birch, teak, iroko, larch, cedar or mahogany.

The overall goal is to create a productive that is both perfect for the garden while also reducing waste in production.

But these Wind Spinners have another special agenda. As well as the normal Wind Spinners available, customers can choose the support NHS models. While the pandemic has brought many businesses to a standstill, the family saw an opportunity to support local hospitals during this difficult time.

The funding will help out our hospitals and key workers. Based in East Kent all proceeds raised by selling NHS edition Wind Spinners and ornaments will be donated to East Kent Hospitals Charity.

Check them out at www.windspinners.co.uk

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