Early outbreak management for early years

The Government has shared new guidance on managing potential Covid-19 outbreaks for early years settings.

The early years sector has largely remained open during the whole crisis and groups like the Covid-19 Response Group have been at the forefront of delivering information and guidance to help settings adjust to the new environment.

The Government’s guidance looks at three stages:


You may be informed of a confirmed case of Covid-19 by NHS Test & Trace, staff, a parent or carer of a child or your local Public Health England Health Protection Team (PHE HPT).
When you have been informed, the cases or cases must be reported.


Once cases have been identified you must immediately contact your local PHE HPT for help and advice. Early engagement with your local PHE HPT is key to minimise any possible wider outbreak in your community. See page 2 for information you may be asked to provide. Do not worry if you are unable to answer all the questions, your local PHE HPT will help guide you through the process. If the advice from the local PHE HPT is to partially or fully close the building, resulting in the setting not being fully open to all children, then you should notify Ofsted through the usual notification channels.


Your local PHE HPT will work with you to assess the risks and advise you of what actions to take. Depending on the outcome, your local PHE HPT and Local Authority may establish an Outbreak Control Team to help support you to manage the situation.



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