Covid-19 Response Group details guidance for a safe re-opening

For nearly two months the early years sector has tried tirelessly to navigate through the uncertainty caused by Covid-19.

However, despite changing regulations and an unprecedented situation, the sector has continued to pull together to support each other and share guidance in order to move the industry further towards a safe re-opening.

The Covid-19 Response Group is made up of the main industry membership organisations, who represent several thousand members and over 70 childcare groups.

A sub-group from the Covid-19 Crisis Response Group has created an in-depth proposal for safe reopening which is being sent to local MPs, Local Authorities and to the Treasury and DfE.

The proposal carefully details how the group is proactively supporting the Government, families and employees as they step towards implementing solutions to come out of the lockdown.


Guidance points for
a safe re-opening are
detailed here

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