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17th National NMT Nursery Awards 2019

Entries for the 17th National NMT Nursery Awards are now closed. Thank you to all those who submitted this year. Finalists will be announced soon!

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What age barriers?

Everyone sees the benefit to care home residents of intergenerational partnerships, says Joanne Coltone, but what do the practitioners, children and parents make of it?

NMT Nursery Agenda South 2020

NMT Nursery Agenda South is returning on Wednesday 22nd January 2020 to a brand new venue at the Jury’s Inn Brighton Waterfront!

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Just another spoon…

Annie Denny, nutrition manager for the Early Years Nutrition Partnership, discusses the role of recognition and reward when encouraging healthy eating, and the fine line between encouragement and pressurising

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10 ways to  say thank you – 

It may not be all about money, but a financial reward for high achievement wouldn’t go amiss, says Jonathan Amponsah, particularly if there are no tax-penalties for you or your team member