Blog: N Family Club celebrates EY Wellbeing Week 2020

In true 2020 style, N’s EY Wellbeing Week ran completely virtually this year!

We based it around the 5 ways to Wellbeing from Mind (connect, be active, take notice, learn, and give), making sure that each activity related to one or more of these principles.

With the current circumstances and restrictions, we wanted to ensure that we could still have moments of connectedness and togetherness, while having fun in the meantime!

The activities that we ran include:

  • Mindful Leadership – a session for line managers to explore incorporating mindfulness in the workplace
  • Taking Notice with local mindfulness expert Andy Phee – a mindfulness session around mindful listening, seeing, eating (a mindful exploration of the senses!)
  • Guided Meditation
  • Wind down yoga and relaxation
  • A sketching class from our very own Educator and Art Specialist Zoe Boltt – educators modelled on Zoom while Zoe taught us some sketching techniques and tricks
  • Autumnal wreath making with Wild Alice (this was a huge hit!)
  • Eat Yourself Happy Nutrition chat – exploring the gut as the second brain – we had some healthy food samples sent to the nurseries as part of this too
  • Wellbeing basket – each nursery got a basket of goodies for the week (tea, colouring book and pencils, the little book of positivity, thank you cards to express gratitude).

Quotes from the team

Zoe (educator and art specialist): ‘The [sketching] class was a great way to get everyone together, and it provided a well-needed feeling of connectedness during a time where some of us may have felt isolated. The importance therefore, was not about drawing the best portrait, it was in having an opportunity to focus the mind on an activity away from the stresses of everyday life, and in the company of others who often share the same stresses.’

‘Drawing each other allowed us to be more observant, and sharing artworks definitely made for a fun and relaxed atmosphere, where everyone could have a laugh at themselves or others, and exchange compliments to one another, further strengthening relationships and working towards a strong team culture’.

Asma (educator): ‘Yoga was a family time, as my children joined in with me, so I think the fact it was online was really good, as we could join in from home.’

‘Wreath making was my favourite, as it was really good to focus on something I had never done. I am very proud of my final masterpiece and have learnt something new, that I would never have tried if it weren’t for N Family Club.’

Catherine (room manager): ‘It was lovely to be reminded of how much I love drawing! I think Zoe managed the session really well, setting time frames and techniques to push us outside of our comfort zones but within a safe space. Drawing without being able to see my hand produced my favourite result!’

Marta (deputy manager): I found them very helpful and enjoyable. Especially the nutrition course. It was very helpful to learn about the correct nutrition during the day and what to break certain foods with. I enjoyed all the mindfulness and meditations and loved the yoga session.

Chelsea (deputy manager): I thoroughly enjoyed the Autumnal Wreath session. It totally took my mind off everything for 2 hours and I was in full creative mode! The group was wonderful and I love how we were all proud of one another when showing off our wreaths at the end of the session.


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