apetito launches brand new Culinary Inspiration range

Inspiration, renovation and innovation. That’s what has gone into apetito’s new ‘Culinary Inspirations’ range.

It is one of the biggest launches in the company’s history, that will see them add over 25 new dishes to the current range in an exciting roll out over the next three months. The Culinary Inspirations range will include new plant-based recipes that will fit the bill for children at nurseries.

Keeping with apetito ethos, all of these meals can be very easily cooked from frozen on site by nurseries’ own teams offering stress-free, simple, and cost-effective solutions. During these unprecedented times, having easy to make meals is so important for nurseries as they navigate through the challenges of Covid-19.

Now, nurseries can enjoy the first five new dishes with Culinary Inspirations that have been created with a helping hand from the professionals.  In a unique approach to developing new meals, apetito has reached out to five top chefs (from rising stars to Michelin star experience) across the South West, all local to its Wiltshire kitchens, to work with apetito’s in house chefs in the creation of this range.

The chefs who brought their creativity to dishes

  • Jethro Lawrence – Head Chef Woolley Grange Hotel & Restaurant:   Coronation Chicken
  • Peter Vaughan – Vaughan’s Kitchen: Ham, Leek & Cheddar Tart
  • Henry Scott – Henry’s Bath:  Chicken and Chorizo Paella
  • Richard Knighting – Corkage Bath:  Sausage & Smoked Ham Frittata
  • Rob Allcock – Head Chef and Landlord, The Long Arms, South Wraxall:  Chicken & Sweetcorn Bake

Describing the launch as “highly innovative and incredibly exciting”, Simon Myatt, divisional head – nurseries, said:

‘Everything we do here at apetito seeks to enhance and deliver on the stress-free service and range we can offer our nursery customers giving them reassurance around quality and safety for the children in their care.  We know how complex catering can be for little ones who have different needs.

‘Our Culinary Inspirations range is a major initiative that we are unrolling over a three month period and not only brings great new choice for nurseries, but it also looks at what is becoming increasingly important by way of diet and sustainable practice – for example we are very excited by the new plant-based range, which launches in September and we know that nurseries are also looking to adopt more plant-based dishes into their menus’.

The whole apetito range has over 200 meal options that also meet the dietary and nutritional needs of children.

Furthermore,  an apetito main meal and dessert (consisting of a protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates), costs just £1.80 per child with dessert and lighter tea-time options also available for a small additional cost.  The full range also has strict allergen control and a simple ordering system, which have been specially designed to reassure nursery customers of their children’s safety at all times.

Simon Myatt added:

‘From ordering to cooking our service is simple, safe, and flexible, giving nursery teams control every step of the way.  We also know how important it is that children love their food, and there’s lots of great choice as well as the ability to tailor menus to individual preferences’.

For nursery owners and managers who would like to enjoy an apetito food sample tasting session, or discuss how apetito can support their business, please open the pop up on the site and register your details on https://www.apetito.co.uk/nursery-meal-services/ or phone 01225 562882.




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